About Us

Since 1999, RAY ALLIANCE Financial Advisers has safeguarded our clients’ financial wellbeing. From retirement goals to lifestyle aspirations, our expert consultants provide wealth solutions that are tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

As an independent financial advisory, we focus on finding the most cost-effective and appropriate insurance and investment options, across a range of different insurers. We are committed to long-term relationships with our clients, and to finding solutions that adapt to life’s changing circumstances.

Our Core Values

Consistently Evolving

People change, and financial markets change. We understand that yesterday’s needs can be completely different from today’s, and that portfolios must be nimble and adaptable.

To cope with changing circumstances, we constantly refine financial strategies over time, staying committed to clients over the long term. We embrace disruptive technologies and innovative financial products, for the betterment of our clients’ financial health.

Understanding Your Needs

Our consultants acknowledge the human dimension of financial planning. Our solutions meet the risk appetites of our clients, allowing them to invest and save without anxiety. We address the psychological factors in personal finance, through effective and responsive communication with clients.


Our consultants are held to the highest standards of professional behaviour. We exhibit tact and patience in all communications. We guarantee confidentiality with client data, and our consultants are continually upgraded to face changing financial landscapes.

Our Methods


We work with top professionals in relevant industries, including medical practitioners, accountants, solicitors, investment analysts, bankers, stockbrokers and others.

We build long-term relationships with our partners, to provide our clients with comprehensive advice. We work with partners to ensure our financial solutions are in line with legal and economic realities, and to ensure risks are covered from multiple angles.

Comprehensive Financial Planning for You and Your Corporate Team

In both Singapore and abroad, we deliver comprehensive financial planning services to individuals as well as corporations.

Personal financial planning: We serve those who are employed, self-employed, professional, retired and event trusts.

Industrial & commercial sectors: We advise organizations ranging from small/medium enterprises to large corporations, where we are able to complement the requirements of business owners, top management as well as employees.

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