Minimise the risks facing your business

At RAY ALLIANCE Financial Advisers, we go beyond fixed business insurance packages from a single insurer and instead build customised solutions based on your business needs. By scrutinising insurance options from multiple insurers, we can also provide competitive rates that won’t hurt your margins.

Show your employees you care with employee benefits, providing coverage such as medical insurance, group term life insurance, and more.

Secure your company’s future and protect your important personnel with key person insurance to compensate for potential financial losses that could arise from their death or total and permanent disability.

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Employee Benefits

Cultivate a strong workforce and retain your best employees by providing an incentive program that goes beyond the standard compensation and remuneration plan.

Some examples of group insurance schemes include:

  • Group Term Life
  • Group Critical Illness
  • Group Personal Accident
  • Group Major Medical
  • Group Hospital and Surgical
  • Group Outpatient – General Practitioners (GP)
  • Group Outpatient – Specialist
  • Group Dental

Speak to our advisers about providing the appropriate coverage for your employees now.

Key Person Insurance
Key Person Insurance

Providing appropriate premiums for key persons that assist you in running your business helps protect the future of the company. This is done by acquiring insurance that compensates for potential financial losses that could arise from the death or total and permanent disability of key persons, and which also limits business disruption.

These key persons may be your Shareholders, Partners, Chief Executive Officer,

Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer or Chief Marketing Officer.

As an employer, you can consider two key areas to ensure the steps you take are able to keep your business protected:

  1. Setting aside a monthly sum in the form of a gratuity plan that will pay out at the end of (i) a contractual term (ii) performance based term or (iii) length of service
  2. Providing for the key employee’s loved ones through a substantial sum assured benefits plan should a key employee pass away

We are happy to assist you in stipulating the conditions of a policy with regards to a key person (e.g. Policy must not have riders, policy cannot be assigned, etc), explain the financial and business benefits of providing adequate coverage for these key persons, and more.

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