Kenneth Khor Yeow Hou, General Manager

12 Apr 2021

Kenneth is the General Manager of RAY ALLIANCE with 22 years of experience in the financial planning industry. In his current position, Kenneth assumes senior management responsibilities at RAY ALLIANCE, supporting the business with his years of industry experience and strong sales operations background. He manages the frenetic day-to-day operations of the business across multiple functions - from managing and developing talent, to evaluating opportunities and risk, and delivering innovative solutions to new challenges. Kenneth attributes his uncanny equanimity to his love for treadmill running. Once his feet step up on the mill and his favourite tunes are plugged into his ears, Kenneth puts a mindful pause on life so as to achieve that mind-clearing adrenalin rush. His personal target is to hit 10,000 km in four years - and he’s happy to report that he’s definitely getting there.

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